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Nanci on August 8th, 2013

Today is national sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day! This year I am actually hoping someone will put some on ours. We didn’t plant any zucchini this year. We are having to rely on the goodness of our friends. They are very generous this time of year. Today for lunch I decided to […]

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Living life with food allergies and sensitivities is definitely a game changer. Simply choosing where to go out for a simple date becomes a major ordeal and can drain the evening of it’s carefree energy. My husband and I chose to go out on a date last weekend and we decided to try The Cider […]

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Nanci on September 21st, 2011

Today I had a package of gluten-free, nitrate-free bacon that I had to cook up. The smell of it made me really crave a BLT sandwich. Since yeast is something that my son can’t eat we rarely have gf bread in the house. So I had to find a way to enjoy a couple of […]

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Nanci on September 8th, 2011

This is just a quick post to share an idea with you. It was almost 100 here today and I didn’t want to heat up my house. Problem was that I really wanted fried chicken. So here is what I did. First, I took a whole chicken and cut it into pieces. Then I turned […]

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Traveling with multiple food allergies and sensitivities takes a lot of preparation and planning. We are currently in the middle of a major adventure that has taken us through Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. I spent time planning ahead to make sure that we had things to eat no matter where […]

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Looking for a pesto that is nut-free and dairy-free? Look no further! This one is for the garlic lovers out there. If you are lucky enough to have garlic growing in your yard then this is a great recipe to use the scapes (flowering tops). If you do not have garlic growing then look for […]

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This is one of those go to dishes when you need some comfort food. This can be served as a main or side dish. This is a macaroni and cheese that everyone can eat and enjoy. It is nice enough to serve when you have company. You can use your favorite gluten-free pasta. I used […]

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Nanci on July 4th, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my readers from the USA, a Happy 4th of July. May you spend the 4th with friends, family and great food. Sincerely, Nanci

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This is a very versatile gluten-free, dairy-free salad. It could even be vegan if you choose to leave out the chicken. If you have left over beef, it could be added in place of the chicken. It would be great to take to a 4th of July picnic or your next potluck. I used the […]

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I know this is a couple of days early, but I wanted to give you time to plan ahead. This is a quick and easy recipe. Making this gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free cornbread by using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Cornbread Mix and canned green chilies saves time. This would also make a great crust for […]

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